Support needed for patients suffering due to tranquillisers and antidepressants

Source: Purpose

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6 Responses to Purpose

  1. Barry Haslam says:

    Well done Fiona and Ann. This issue of prescribed drug dependence has been swept under the carpet for decades both in Scotland and in England by weak, cowardly Governments too afraid to tackle the vested interests involved in this national scandal.
    The general public are not aware of the true scale of suffering that benzodiazepines, z drugs and SSRIs cause to the individual, especially prescribed long term and compounded by the near total lack of dedicated withdrawal and after care facilities for those patients wanting to withdraw safely and successfully from their iatrogenic drug dependence.

    Barry Haslam. Campaigner and now disabled, due to long term prescribing of benzodiazepines.


    • fhfrench says:

      Thank you so much, Barry. You have done so much to campaign on this issue. If I can do only a fraction of what you have done I will be very pleased. Let’s hope it won’t be another 30 years before action is taken. I am sorry your health isn’t so good. It really is unacceptable what has been done to people across the UK in the name of medicine.


  2. Barry Haslam says:

    The real first sign of a cover up regarding benzodiazepine prescribed drug dependence was witnessed in the 1980 Committee on Review of Medicines ( CRM ) Report which stated that from 1960 to 1977 only 28 people had become addicted to prescribed benzodiazepine drugs, when during this period 350 million scripts where issued in England and Wales alone.

    Unbelievable but true, so it gave the medical profession a green light on this scandal.
    We need an Independent Public Inquiry into all aspects of iatrogenic drug induced dependence in the United Kingdom to get to the true facts and hold those responsible for this massive national scandal which has endured over the last half a century.
    We keep putting the truth out their Fiona.




  3. That’s nauseating Barry. I’m dealing with an ongoing battle in America trying to convince my doctors, family, and friends that what I’m experience is benzo related. I’m also trying to convince them that this could go on for years. I’m at the end of my rope fighting multiple battles, all while trying to deal with symptoms and worrying about the future and money. This is criminal BS.


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