BMA Statement / Media Coverage 2016

On 23rd October 2016, BBC News announced that the British Medical Association had called for a 24-hour helpline and specialist services across the UK.  The following day, the BMA posted their statement.

In response to the BMA statement, Radio 5 Live broadcast an hour long programme on the subject of benzodiazepine dependence and the stories were harrowing indeed.  Fiona French spoke briefly in the late night programme in the second link provided below.   The relevant segment starts at 40 minutes into the programme and there is a further segment at 1 hour 40 minutes.

Prior to this, the Victoria Derbyshire programme also focused on the harm caused by antidepressants.

Katinka Blackford Newman, TV Film and Documentary Producer, who has herself been harmed by psychiatric drugs, has set up a website, produced a small film available on the website and written a book “The Pill that Steals Lives”.

Shane Kenny, former radio presenter for RTE in Ireland, has produced a documentary entitled “The Benzodiazepine Disaster”.  He too is a victim of these drugs.  The documentary features interviews with Professors Malcolm Lader and Heather Ashton, foremost experts in benzodiazepines in the UK.   Benzodiazepines are compared to the Thalidomide drug.

On 8 November 2016, The Daily Mail newspaper published a hard-hitting article in which Prof Malcolm Lader placed the blame fairly and squarely on GPs and the NHS.   Disappointingly, Prof Maureen Baker, RCGP, partly blames the patients!!