Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry

In 2014, the Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry was established by Luke Montagu, future Earl of Sandwich, and James Davies. Luke was awarded over £1 million in damages after taking legal action against his prescribing doctor for mis-prescribing of benzodiazepines.  James is the author of “Cracked: why psychiatry is doing more harm than good.”

CEP aims to communicate the harmful effects of psychiatric drugs to the people and institutions in the country that can make a difference.


All Party Parliamentary Group on PDD, House of Commons

In 2015, an APPG was established in the House of Commons, calling for action on Prescribed Drug Dependence.  Action includes support for affected patients, better education and training for GPs, more research into the adverse effects of psychiatric drugs and stricter enforcement of prescribign guidelines.


Representatives of the Scottish Government were invited to attend its meeting on 24 November 2015.  The only Scottish representative at the meeting was Marion Brown, Recovery and Renewal, Helensburgh.