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  1. My R&R test ‘comment’ suddenly vanished (maybe I posted it prematurely?)
    This is a duplicate


  2. Hi is there any news regarding the SLWG report to the Scottish Parliament regarding Petition 1651? It’s refreshing to see the massive gap between doctors perception and the suffering caused by the medications acknowledged by officials. Alternative support, recognition and compensation for lives destroyed is extremely overdue.


    • fhfrench says:

      Hi there. I have no information regarding SLWG except that is being set up and will report next year. I agree help and support is long overdue, as for compensation, legal action will be necessary to achieve that.

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      • You know of any Scottish or English lawyers prepared to take on a test case? I’ve got my medical records clearly show that the medication caused me harm and caused the mental illness.


      • fhfrench says:

        I don’t know of any apart from the solicitors who acted for Luke Montagu. Miss Caroline Moore, Medical Solicitors, Unit 8B, South West Centre, Troutbeck Road, Sheffield S8 0JR. Do you know about Luke Montagu? If you are on Twitter or in FB groups, others might know. Have you asked around?


      • I’ve asked a few the most telling was one I was directed to in Glasgow. I was talking to the receptionist when an angry man in suit stormed in said it was his firm and they didn’t do medical negligence. It was strange as I’d been told 5 minutes previously by a firm in same building that they did. Unfortunately I’m used to this sort of thing.


  3. fhfrench says:

    I found that solicitors were not interested in my case, but it is a complicate one going back 45 years now, and not sure if there would have been much chance of success. I hope you can find a firm that will act on your behalf.


  4. stuart bryan says:

    Hi Marion,
    I have seen you on LTW facebook group. I am a freelance writer and would like to write an article for a publication about dependency and withdrawal (mine is duloxetine). To aid the chance of getting an article commissioned it helps if I can include in the pitch that a potential contributor would be willing to get involved. Would you be open to answering a few questions?


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